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Virus Removal & Laptop Repair Services in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Save your computer and your data at our computer store in Fort Wayne, Indiana, that provides virus removal and laptop repair services.
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Virus Removal Services

Stone Computer rescues your computer from ruin when you have accidentally downloaded a virus. If your computer is running slow or your Internet isn't working, your computer may have a virus. As a first-come, first-served company, our general turnaround time for virus removal is two to three days. However, we also offer next-day services.

Approximately 50% of the time, we remove only the virus or spyware without affecting your operating system. In other instances, we contact you first to determine if there are any important files or data that need to be saved. Then we correct the issue without jeopardizing your important files.

Laptop & Desktop Repair

Why spend money on a new computer when we can repair your current one? We replace hard drives and reload operating systems if a physical component has failed. Our team also performs basic operating system repairs. Don't worry if you deleted something from your hard drive, because we can often retrieve it for you. We repair both LED and LCD cracked screens as well as keyboards on laptops.

Standard turnaround time for repairs on laptops and desktops is between two and three days. Specialty parts take between three and five business days. Regardless of the model, we repair all types of computers except Apple® computers. Enjoy 90-day labor warranties, 90-day in-store returns, and manufacturer's warranties after 90 days.
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On-site Services

At Stone Computer, we provide on-site services when your location is within an hour from our Fort Wayne store. If you are located within 20 miles of our store, we eliminate the trip charge, and there is only a flat $99-an-hour repair charge.
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