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Custom Computers & Computer Upgrades in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Boost the power of your PC by coming to our store in Fort Wayne, Indiana, for custom computers and computer upgrades.

Computers & Parts

When it's time to get a new computer, we offer brand-name laptops as well as custom-built computers. Some of the popular brands we carry include ASUS®, Lenovo™, HP®, Samsung®, Dell®, Acer®, and Fujitsu®. We also sell a variety of computer parts and accessories, including:
Portable & Internal Hard Drives
Lenovo™ Optical Drives
DVD Burners
Blu-ray™ Drives
Laptop Accessories
Laptop Bags

Catering to Your Computer Needs

At Stone Computer, we custom build desktop computers and sell kits to upgrade your internal computer components. In addition, we offer free data transfers for all of our systems that we sell or custom build. This helps save your old pictures, songs, and files from your existing computer.
All of our custom-built computers are serviced in-house. If your company needs a specific type of CAD system or a custom audio creation, we build that in-house. It includes a one-year warranty as well as an upgradable three-year warranty. When you purchase computer parts elsewhere, bring it to us and we'll build the entire system for $89.

Computer Upgrades

Something is slowing your computer down. Let us find the problem. Our experienced computer technicians are highly skilled at locating the bottleneck. We check out the system, give you an upgrade estimate, and replace the failed component before any work is performed. The basic fee is $59 for any individual component replacement. When we need to replace two or more components, the upgrade charge is only $89 for labor plus parts.
Contact us for more information about our prompt and convenient computer services.